Saturday, September 27, 2008

Commander in Chief

The old Navy pilot put a little whupass on the neophyte junior Senator from Illinois in last nights first televised Presidential debate at the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

John McCain was firm, in command and showed the leadership that goes with the territory of serving our country the past 27 years in the United States Congress. He controlled the debate from the beginning, put his opponent on the defensive the entire evening and showed the greater gravitas as the night wore on. In fact, Senator McCain so dominated the debate that his opponent Mr. Obama stated that John McCain was right or he agreed with the Senator on eight separate occasions.

To the contrary, Senator McCain retorted to Mr. Obama on numerous occasions that he either did not get it or didn't understand the issue at hand. From the reckless spending in Washington, the Surge in Iraq to the nuances of the tribal regions in Pakistan, Senator McCain took his opponent to the woodshed. In the final analysis, while Senator McCain looked and sounded every bit Presidential and ready to lead, his opponent appeared as he has all along, heavily scripted and without the experience to have a firm grasp of world or domestic affairs.

While John McCain relentlessly pounded home his principles of reducing spending, cutting taxes and winning with honor in Iraq, Mr. Obama continued to tick off his unending spending programs, his misunderstanding of our economy and lack of foreign policy experience. Mr. Obama was on the defensive all night because Senator McCain kept pounding his principle-led points. This is what happens in a debate when principled leadership combats a lightweight wannabe.

Senator McCain won the debate last night because he was the aggressor who inflicted the most damage on his opponent with his principled ideas and points. Mr. Obama was on the defensive all night long responding to Mr. McCain's attacks. The bottom line is who do you feel most comfortable handling our economy and world affairs? A tough, former Navy pilot who looks into Vladimir Putin's eyes and sees "KGB" or a lightweight one term Senator who refers to his Vice Presidential running mate to vouch for his foreign policy experience?

In the end, McCain supporters loved the performance of the old man last night and Obama supporters loved the performance of their candidate, as well. However, for the millions of undecided voters looking on last night, there was only one candidate whose principled ideas and experience grew stronger and became more evident as the night wore on--Senator John McCain.

Round two is Tuesday, October 7 in Tennessee. Expect the distance to continue to grow further between the principled, experienced leader and his not-ready-for-prime time opponent. John McCain is ready to lead right now by putting his Country First with Reform, Prosperity and Peace.

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