Thursday, February 14, 2008

28-12 is the new 19-0

The sports world was abuzz all fall about the New England Patriots quest to become only the second undefeated team in NFL history. If the Patriots would have defeated the underdog New York Giants in the Super Bowl, they would have finished their perfect season at 19-0.

However, as invincible as the Patriots appeared, they proved vulnerable to a hungrier, more athletic team in the New York Giants. The G-Men exposed the Patriots weaknesses, capitalized on a "tight" team of destiny who succumbed to the mounting pressure and just plain got lucky on the final drive (has anyone else ever caught such an important pass against his helmet?)

But now that the Super Bowl has passed and the 1972 Miami Dolphins have raised their champagne glasses preserving their NFL unbeaten legacy, let's move on to an even more important statistical record.

Since 1968, the Republican Party has won seven of the last 10 Presidential elections. The party of Lincoln and Roosevelt has presided for 28 of the last 40 years. The Democratic Party has only won three elections and served in the White House for 12 of those 40 years. So do we learn anything from these past 40 years? A closer look tells any young "Obamacan" just how different the two parties are:

The Nixon Years--1968 to 1974

Ok, we have to make a major leap and ask the Democrats for a mulligan on the entire "Watergate" episode but other than a few stupid Anti-Castro Cubans and former F.B.I. and C.I.A. men and their bungled break-in, let's look at the accomplishments during the "Age of Nixon:"

--Modified Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
--Secret bombings of Cambodia destroying VietCong supply routes and base camps.
--Apollo 11, 12, 13 & 14 space flights to the moon.
--U.S. troop reductions in Vietnam.
--Nixon Doctrine of Vietnamization where U.S. relies on Vietnamese control of war.
--Signing of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty.
--Tax Reform Act of 1969.
--Defense Appropriations Act of 1970.
--National Environmental Policy Act.
--Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
--Clean Air Act.
--Ending of U.S./China Act.
--Ended the Draft.
--Passage of the 26th Amendment allowing 18, 19 and 20 year olds the right to vote.
--Economic Stabilization Act enacting wage and price controls and creating a new economic system.
--China visit and breakthrough of opening relations.
--Nominated Conservative Supreme Court Justices.
--Equal Employment Opportunitites Act.
--SALT I Treaty limiting nuclear weapons.
--More bombing of North Vietnam that led to peace.
--Vietnam Peace Treaty ending war.
--P.O.W's return home.
--Drug Enforcement Agency.

The Ford Years--1974 to 1976

--Nixon Pardon.
--Helsinki Accords moving toward Detente with the Soviets.
--Nominated a Conservative Supreme Court Justice
--Survived two assassination attempts in California by two crazy women.

The Carter Years--1977 to 1980

--U.S. hostages in Iran for over a year.
--Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
--Amnesty pardons for Vietnam "draft-evaders."
--Failed rescue attempt for U.S. hostages.
--Fuel shortages at home.
--More government: Department of Energy and Department of Education.
--Panama Canal Treaty giving away our ownership of vital strategic asset to a foreign country.
--"Crisis of Confidence" Speech to the American people on national television.
--Request for resignations of entire Cabinet.
--Cut Defense budget by $6 billion.
--Announced intent to reverse 25 years of U.S. foreign policy by withdrawing all U.S. troops in South Korea and unilateral removal of all U.S. nuclear weapons based in South Korea.
--Ended U.S. aid to Somoza regime in Nicaragua resulting in rise of "Sandinista" government.
--Double digit inflation.
--Announced intent to eliminate all nuclear weapons worldwide.
--Implementation of Wheat Embargo to punish the Soviets for invading Afghanistan which punished U.S. farmers into bankruptcy.
--Enactment of Military Draft.
--Cancellation of B-1 Bomber.

Ronald Reagan--1981 to 1988

--"Reaganomics" and supply-side economics which lowered taxes and created a "trickle-down" economic growth system.
--Ended Cold War.
--"Iran/Contra" Covert operations to fund Nicaraguan freedom fighters.
--Massive military buildup of 40%.
--"Reagan Revolution" created 16 million jobs.
--Nominated Conservative Supreme Court Justices.
--Immigration Reform and Control Act effectively giving amnesty to over three million illegal immigrants living in the U.S.
--B-1 Bomber production begins.
--Pershing II Missile is deployed in Europe.
--Strategic Defense Initiative.
--Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
--"Tear down this wall" Speech in Berlin in 1987.
--Berlin Wall demolition in 1989."

George H.W. Bush--1989 to 1992

--New World Order.
--Gulf War liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi invasion.
--Collapse of Soviet Union.
--U.S-Soviet Strategic Partnership.
--NAFTA spearheaded which ultimately passed in 1993.
--Nominated Conservative Supreme Court Justices.

William Jefferson Clinton--1992 to 2000

--Longest sustained peace-time economic expansion in U.S. history.
--$559 billion budget surplus kept from the American taxpayer.
--Robbed the rich with higher taxes to give tax credits to the poor.
--Failed Universal Health Care Reform with a Democratic-controlled Congress.
--Sex, Cigars and the Intern in the White House.
--"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" testimony.
--Impeachment acquittal.
--65% approval rating.
--Proposed Gays in the Military.
--Settled for "Don't Ask--Don't Tell" Policy.
--Brady Bill.
--Nominated Liberal, Activist Supreme Court Justices.
--Family and Medical Leave Act.
--First time Democratic Party lost both houses of Congress in a mid-term election in 40 years.
--Elian Gonzalez forceably removed from his bedroom and shipped back to Cuba.
--Janet Reno, Al Gore, Donna Shalala and Madeleine Albright.
--Jennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones.
--"TravelGate," Vince Foster and "Whitewater."

George W. Bush--2001 to 2008

--$1.35 trillion tax cut program, largest in U.S. history.
--Philosophy that American taxpayer should keep the government's money not the U.S.
--War on Terror.
--Removal of the Taliban from Afghanistan.
--Removal of Saddam Hussein from Iraq.
--USA Patriot Act.
--No Child Left Behind Act.
--90% approval rating following 9-11 attacks--highest-ever in Gallup Poll history.
--Nominated Conservative Supreme Court Justices.
--Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld.


You can read Wikipedia and surf the web through the Presidential Libraries for your own factoids; however, even a rationale, objective "Obamacan" can come to the following conclusions based upon this evidence:

Republican Presidents favor lower taxes, less government, conservative social policies and a strong military and national defense.
Democratic Presidents favor higher taxes, more government, liberal social policies and a weak military and national defense.

We don't know who the Democrats will nominate for President but you can count on one thing from Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton--bad news for the United States.

However, we do know this: John McCain will never weaken our military, will finish the War on Terror and will never use Federal Marshals to forceably remove a young boy from his home returning him to a Communist country.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A New Leader For America

My friends, fast-forward 28 years and America is once again under seige. We are facing a seemingly insurmountable enemy in the Radical Islamic Extremists who want to annihilate us. Our stature overseas has been humbled by a perceived "go it alone" foreign policy that has been earmarked by war mismanagement and questionable interrogation approaches. Our economy is teetering after the affects of poor domestic policy oversight of the home loan market. Oil is averaging $100 a barrel. Although we have yet to face hour-long waits for gasoline, at $3 a gallon of gas, we are exhausting our vast reserves. And, divisive partisan politics have created a system of government in Washington that is broken.

These times call for new leadership. Time-tested leadership from a man of conviction who stands for unwavering principles. A man like Senator John McCain. A Vietnam veteran who spent six years in an American P.O.W. camp inside Vietnam. A man who refused his captors offer of an early release to remain behind with his men for another four years. A man who stood up to the prevailing political winds and passed sweeping legislation to overhaul a broken campaign finance system. A man who stood alone while supporting the new troops surge in Iran and was ultimately proven right. A man who will lead with his heart and not back down from the evil threats facing us.

I will have more on the virtures of John McCain and why his election to President is one of the most important decisions facing our Country.


This is my first post on my new blog "Save the U.S.A--Vote John McCain." I am originally from Oklahoma and have been voting Republican in American Presidential elections since I cast my first absentee ballot for Ronald Reagan in November of 1980. I was a freshman at Baker University in tiny Baldwin City, Kansas and had just entered my first semester in college two months earlier. I graduated High School the previous May amidst a series of international crises that faced America including:

Iran Hostage Crisis.
Soviet Union Invasion of Afghanistan.
Runaway Inflation.
Sagging Economy.
Loss of American Prestige Overseas.

At the time, Americans had a sense of paralysis. We had citizens being held hostage in a Middle Eastern country called Iran that little of us knew anything about. The terrorists who called themselves "students of the revolution" were mocking us daily by parading our citizens blindfolded and handtied infront of throngs of raving protesters. We had attempted to negotiate our way through the crises to no avail. Then, a failed rescue attempt ended in the Arabian desert with American casualties.

At approximately the same time, the Soviet Union decided to exercise its' military hedgemony in the world and invaded Afghanistan. The nightly news lead was Soviet tanks barrelling through the cavernous mountain roads routing grossly mismatched rebel tribesmen. U.S. foreign policy was to protest through the United Nations. Publicly we voiced our displeasure while doing absolutely nothing to help defend the Afghan rebels. However, privately true Patriots like U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson were organizing relief efforts and providing military support to the undermanned Afghan tribesmen. Officially, the toughest stance the U.S. government took was boycotting the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. It appeared the amateur Olympians would pay the price for political malfeasance.

At home the economy had run aground. Rising inflation created new terms like "stagflation" and Americans were standing in hour long waits to buy gasoline. Unemployment skyrocketed and the loss of jobs created a sense of hopelessness. Combined with the untenable situation in Iran with the hostages, America itself seemed under siege. The citizens of the United States were looking for leadership. Someone to take charge and create a vision to rescue us from these seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Just when our darkest period seemed to peak a new beacon of hope rose from familiar circumstances. The former Governor of California, leader of the Conservative Movement since 1964, and former Hollywood actor, Ronald Reagan took charge by an overwhelming 44-state landside victory.

Reagan rose from the middle of the pack of Republican Presidential candidates to win the Republican nomination for President. His vision of hope, peace and prosperity for a new America won the hearts and minds of a disolate populace and won the race for President. Within hours of Reagan's win, the terrorists in Iran released our hostages. Scenes of smiling U.S. citizens deplaning at the U.S. airbase in Germany still resonate in millions of Americans' minds. Soon, the tide was turning.

The new President enacted sweeping tax cuts and immediately began repairing our national pride and image by promising an old Democratic battle cry of "putting America back to work." The military was reinfused with much needed equipment and a morale boost. Instead of the U.N.-based, hand-wringing foreign policy of the past administration, Ronald Reagan immediately challenged the Soviet Union to withdrawal from Afghanistan to the Berlin Wall. A new space-age "Star Wars" defensive ballistic missile system was being promoted. Instead of helplessly looking for leadership from the U.N., American covert operations began seizing control of Communist Rebel regimes in our Central American Hemisphere. Old Republican warhorse Teddy Roosevelt would have been proud as the Reagan juggernaut swept across the jungles of Nicaragua in search of the bad guys.

This was just the beginning. Reagan's aggressive pro-military and consumer-friendly tax policies would have dramatic reverberations. His foreign policy stances would ultimately force the Soviet empire to crumble and dissolve along with the Berlin Wall. At home his tax cuts and sweeping reforms would revitalize the American economy for the next 20 years.

A staunch conservative, so staunch that former President Ford was quoted as saying "a very conservative Republican cannot be elected.", Reagan never wavered from his basic principles or essential message abroad:

A) The source of most trouble overseas is the Communist drive for global domination.
B) At home, the cause of most American woes is the overblown, endlessly intrusive Federal Government.
C) In foreign affairs, the U.S must build up its military power and face down the Soviets.
D) At home, Reagan's watchword was less: less federal spending, less taxation, less regulation, less federal activism in directing the economy and curing social ills, in fact, less Government period.

Fast-forward 28 years, substitute the phrase "Radical Islamic Extremists" for "Communist" and "Soviets", and you have John McCain.

Today, the extreme right is saying McCain is too moderate and cannot be elected. Some national talking heads are saying they would rather vote for Hillary Clinton than support John McCain. These hard-right neocons need to take pause and a deep breath. As the great American Patriot G. Gordon Liddy said today of these folks, "they are the suicide bombers of the Republican Party" because the alternative is Hillary Clinton and her husband "Wandering Willy" and their actions will be very predictable:

Higher Taxes.
A Socialist Health Care System we cannot afford.
Passive indifference to the Radical Islamic Extremists.
More Government.

Today we have a serious decision to make that will impact our country for decades and the clearest choice in the last 28 years of Presidential elections. You should compare and contrast the candidates and vote for John McCain because he will:

Lower your Taxes.
Defeat the Radical Islamic Extremists.
Secure our Border & Reform Immigration.
Nominate Conservative, Constructionist Federal Judges.
Enact Sensible, Affordable Health Care.
Protect the Sanctity of Life.
Protect Your Right to Bear Arms.
Ensure Less Government.

The choices are clear and the time is now to support a true American Patriot who will lead like his political mentor, Ronald Reagan, with bold, decisive, leadership.