Thursday, February 7, 2008

A New Leader For America

My friends, fast-forward 28 years and America is once again under seige. We are facing a seemingly insurmountable enemy in the Radical Islamic Extremists who want to annihilate us. Our stature overseas has been humbled by a perceived "go it alone" foreign policy that has been earmarked by war mismanagement and questionable interrogation approaches. Our economy is teetering after the affects of poor domestic policy oversight of the home loan market. Oil is averaging $100 a barrel. Although we have yet to face hour-long waits for gasoline, at $3 a gallon of gas, we are exhausting our vast reserves. And, divisive partisan politics have created a system of government in Washington that is broken.

These times call for new leadership. Time-tested leadership from a man of conviction who stands for unwavering principles. A man like Senator John McCain. A Vietnam veteran who spent six years in an American P.O.W. camp inside Vietnam. A man who refused his captors offer of an early release to remain behind with his men for another four years. A man who stood up to the prevailing political winds and passed sweeping legislation to overhaul a broken campaign finance system. A man who stood alone while supporting the new troops surge in Iran and was ultimately proven right. A man who will lead with his heart and not back down from the evil threats facing us.

I will have more on the virtures of John McCain and why his election to President is one of the most important decisions facing our Country.

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